Top 15 Chinese Car Brands in China

Chinese Car Brands in China

Top 15 Chinese Car Brands in China.

Chinese car brands are famous in the entire world and the popularity is increasing day by day rapidly. We will discuss about the top 15 best car brands in China.

According to newest surveys by world giant survey companies, China is one of the best technology producing country in this time. And Chinese car brands are famous in the entire world and the popularity is increasing day by day rapidly. Because of many reasons where a strong phenomenon is behind the demand increasing. Here we will discuss about the top 15 best Chinese car brands & their history in brief so that you can enrich your knowledge about this. Here we will describe the history and the details about the brands individually and respectively.

Top Chinese Car Brands List-

1. Geely,

2. BYD Auto,

3. GAC,

4. Chery,

5. Changan,

6. SAIC Motor,

7. Great Wall Motor,

8. Dongfeng Nissan,

9. FAW,

10. Hongqi,

11. BAIC Motors,

12. Foton,

13. JAC Motors,

14. Brilliance Auto,

15. Xpeng Motors.

Let’s check out the details and their history in brief one by one-


Greely logo
Greely logo.

Top Chinese car brands. This is one of the best Chinese car brand. The engines mechanism and the customer friendly price of this brand, people all over the world accepted this brand as their own. To know bout the best Chinese car brand or to buy it continue reading the details and visit the website.

Founder of the company: Li Shufu

Foundation period: 1986

Official Website:

Greely is a mandarin word which means lucky. In 1986, Li Shufu founded this company to manufacture scooters (motor bike) & refrigerators using their own technology. Then the authority started manufacturing motorcycles in 1990. After that period they took decision that, they will manufacture one of the best car brand within the minimum price. And this is the fact that, now, Greely is one of the best car brand in the China and even in the whole world.

Now, the aims of the brand authority is to make customers and users friendly cars so that they can regime the car international market and satisfy the customers.

Already, now, Geely has become the largest and trusted car manufacturing brand in China within best price. In 2010, Greely bought the Swedish famous brand Volvo. Because of the customer supports the brand is worth 136 billion yuan and the best Chinese company.

BYD Auto.

BYD Auto logo
BYD Auto logo

This is another famous and customer friendly car brand in the China. If you want to buy or want to get real information read the article with full of concentration. Let’s check the details and brief history. In Chinese car brands BYD Auto is the second in China.

Founder of the company: Wang Chuanfu

Foundation period: 2003

Official Website:

BYD was first joined in the automotive industry in 2003. The company was founded to manufacture rechargeable batteries at the initial, and it was pretty much competition against the Japanese and other countries market. Because of their engine quality, lasting period and customer friendly price.

BYD manufactures commercial vehicles, such as cars, buses, trucks, etc. and the company is also active now in making batteries. Though the company was first sell their first plugged in upgrade vehicle, now the company manufactures electric buses, luxury vehicles and the others as usual and even better than before. If you want to know or buy best cars (Chinese car brands) in cheap price, contact fast with Top Car Brand



GAC logo
GAC logo

The manufacturing process is unique and the every equipment used to make this brand cars are original and long lasting. The company keep minimum profit and provide the cars only at reasonable price. Visit the official website of the company to know more what you want. In Chinese car brands GAC is the third in China.

Founder of the brand: Government of China

Foundation period: 1997

Official website:

Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) was founded in 1997, it became fully established in 2005. And before 2010, this GAC has already got the name for becoming one of the best and world famous automobile manufacturing company in China. Under brand names Trumpchi & Gonow we can find out the personal (passenger) and commercial vehicles under the brand GAC.

And here all the vehicles are the best qualities and available in customer friendly price. The brand turned out to be notable around China for assembling fuel saving vehicles. It additionally makes vehicles for worldwide brands to fulfill nearby market demand.


Chery logo
Chery logo

Chery is a famous car brand in China and the market value of the company is higher than the others. The selling rate and the customer engaging rate is remarkable because of the quality product and availability of the product. In Chinese car brands Chery  is the Fourth in China.

Founder of the company: Government of China

Foundation period: 1997

Official website:

In 1997, the Chinese car brand “Chery” was founded by the Govt. of China and fully monetized. “Fengyun” is the car name of this company. Another brand named Kerry, is mainly the branch brand of Chery. They produce both passenger and commercial vehicle but here all the products have full of quality.

Very few car brands of China has cover up and hold the international car market. If you are a buyer of Chery car brand, then know that that Chery is a famous and accepted brand in many countries of the world. The company trying to produce 500,000 cars per year.


Changan logo
Changan logo

Changan means safety of long lasting. The authority focus on the long lasting safety of their product and ensure brand value by providing quality product to their beloved customers. In Chinese car brands Changan is the Fifth in China.

Founder of the company and brand: Private Engineering Corporation

Foundation period: 1862

Official website:

Changan has a true areas of strength for and improvement framework to guarantee wellbeing by testing and checking the vehicles. The organization ( began to produce vehicles in 1959. And if you consider the overview, then Changan is one of the best card brand in China and even all over the world.

Changan Car (Automobile) is one of the aged, trusted and customer friendly brand that entered the car business and acquired achievement. This is the renowned brand that delivered China’s absolute first customized and mini vehicle. By and large, Changan is a state-possessed brand, yet China Weaponry Gear is its parent organization.

SAIC Volkswagen.

SAIC Volkswagen logo
SAIC Volkswagen logo


Organizer behind the company: Zhi Xin Chen

Established in: 1955

Exchanged as SSE: 600104

Official website:

SAIC Motor is a Chinese state-claimed car (mainly for car) organization situated in Shanghai, and is likewise China’s most memorable auto organization to go worldwide. The brand value and the trust level of its users is increasing rapidly because of its branding and quality. There are an assortment of famous vehicle brands selling under SAIC, like the MG, Baojun, Wuling, and so on. In Chinese car brands SAIC Volkswagen is the Sixth in China.

SAIC Engine turned into the first Chinese carmaker with the two its yearly NEV deals and abroad deals surpassing about one million. It additionally teams up with huge global carmakers like General Engines and Volkswagen. SAIC is used to be China’s most significant automobile organization. With a business income of $122.0714 billion, and increasing day by day SAIC Motor will be the top automobile company in the near future.

Great Wall Motor.

Great Wall Motor logo
Great Wall Motor logo

Great Wall Motor Ltd. is a Chinese a trusted and reputed automobile manufacturer company in the China, headquartered of the company is in Baoding, Hebei. Great Wall Motor has already famous with 1.281 million sales in 2021. The most important thing here is, this company sale their product with minimum profit and the quality of the engine very high. In Chinese car brands Great Wall Motor is the sevenths in China.

Founder: Wei Jianjun

CEO of the company (present): Wang Fengying

Headquarter: Baoding, Hebei, China

Founded in: 1984

Traded mark: SEHK: 2333

Official Website: (Chinese) (Global)

Wei Jianjun established this automobile making company in 1984 and named it. We as a whole know and never neglect to get entranced by the Incomparable Mass of China. Perhaps the organizer behind Great Wall Motor had a comparable vision while naming the brand. This is may be the first car manufacturing company in the China which has the regime in the international car market.

The logo addresses the guardian of the Great Wall of China who conveys smoke messages or stores weapons. In this manner, the logo implies power and unwavering quality. This logo is the development of the organization, very much like the ceaseless walls. Few years ago, GWM and German famous automobile manufacturer company announced a partnership to produce electric small vehicles in China for the user.


FAW logo
FAW logo

The FAW Group Corporation is one of the best competitor of chery and Geely in China. FAW car brand is the very fast domestic car governed by the China Govt. In Chinese car brands FAW is the Eight in China.

Organizer behind the company: Government of China

Established in: 1953

Official website:

FAW started manufacturing automobiles (car and others) as “First Automobile works” in 1953. Then, the First Automobile Works was changed their name to “China FAW Group Corporation in 1992. Though FAW manufacture their product domestically, but their brand value is very high and this brand is now very familiar to the globe. Mainly the govt. of China founded FAW with taking many task and thinking deep for the future. The marketing system and trading facility is very high here. Now, FAW is specializes in various types of quality vehicles and their parts. The market value is very high of this brand because of the customer demand and its quality.

Dongfeng Nissan.

Dongfeng Nissan logo
Dongfeng Nissan logo

Dongfeng Motor Company Limited is a very famous Chinese automobile manufacturing company which is represented as one of the best car manufacturing company. The authority launched their car brand at less cost so that every class of people can buy it. It is a mixed technology of Dongfeng Motor and Nissan Motor. In Chinese car brands Dongfeng Nissan is the Nine in China.

Founder of the company: Dongfeng Motor Group & Nissan

CEO of the company: Yanfeng Zhu

Headquarter of the company: Wuhan, Hubei.

Parent organizations: Dongfeng Motor Group, Nissan (China) Investment Co., Ltd

Official website of Dongfeng Nissan:

The Electric commercial van products of Dongfeng-

  1. Dongfeng Ruitaite EM-10
  2. Dongfeng Ruitaite EM-16
  3. Dongfeng Ruitaite EM-30

Nissan Items:

NV200: The idea vehicle was outfitted with a controller board for a bug camera, and hardware for sorting out and altering photos and pictures moving.

Nissan Navara (nameplate): Nissan pickup trucks model codes are D21, D22, D40 and D23. The Navara gets its name from the Navarre district of northern Spain.

Nissan Land: is a moderate size SUV produced by Nissan. At the beginning stage of the turn of events, Nissan chiefs held back nothing the developing Chinese and Center East market.

Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company, is listed as having R&D center in Dalian, Xiangyang, and Zhengzhou in 2015. The greater portion of Zhengzhou Nissan was obtained from the recorded (listed) auxiliaries Dongfeng Automobile Company for about ¥788 million RMB in 2017.


Hongqi logo
Hongqi logo

Chinese word hongqi that means red flag. That’s why the reason, the color of the logo of this brand is red. The main focus of the FAW to found and establish Hongqi is to manufacture only quality cars only for the govt. employees and for the elite peoples. And it may be ceased in 1981. In Chinese car brands Hongqi is the Ten in China.

Founder of the brand: FAW

Foundation period: It’s1958

Purpose: Only manufacture cars for govt. personnel and elites

Official website:

Following not many years, global foreign brands started delivering and selling their vehicles under the Hongqi brand. In this time the authority produce costly and reasonable models according to customer demand.

And it is the best one among the good quality business class vehicls in China. For its best quality and utilizing reason, Hongqi sold around 1000 units of its H7 model to Individuals’ Freedom Armed force in 2014.

BAIC Motors.

BAIC Motors logo
BAIC Motors logo

This car company and brand is fully authorized by the govt. of China and you know that the founder of this is also govt. of China. This is another quality car brand and it is also state-claimed. In Chinese car brands BAIC Motors is the eleven in China.

Founder of this brand: Govt. of China

Foundation period: 1958

Official website:

BAIC Motor manufacture and deliver both the passenger and commercial vehicles such as buses, trucks, etc. for their individual purposes. Because of their quality product and demand in the native and foreign market, they placed their rank within top 15 and most of the time within top 10.

BAIC is the perfect competitor of the others famous engine manufacturers and so on. They always try to produce 100% quality products so that they can regime market and hold that for long time. If you want to get quality product or want to know more about any, contact with Top Car Brand


Foton logo
Foton logo

This automobile brand was established in 1996 for fulfill the small demand and for few purposes by the famous brand authority BAIC. Among the Chinese Car Brands, Foton is one of the best manufacturer. In Chinese car brands Foton is the twelve in China.

Founder and organizer: BAIC

Foundation period: 1996

Official website:

Though Foton was established only for fulfill the small concerns but now, we can say this brand as an international brand because, it is now very famous and well reputed. Now, Foton manufacture various types of automobiles (cars, trucks and others) and machines for agricultural development. For the quality of the automobiles, machines and low to medium price of the products, the fame is increasing remarkably.

JAC Motors.

JAC Motors logo
JAC Motors logo

JAC Motors is a Chinese automobile and commercial vehicle producer and china even worldwide seller. In Chinese car brands JAC Motors is the thirteenth in China.

Foundation period: May 20, 1964, Hefei, China

CEO: Jin An (Feb 2012– Present)

Headquarter of the comapny: Hefei, China

Official website:

Owner of the brand: JAG

Co-operators: Fortune Auto Finance Co.,Ltd

JAC is mainly based in Hefei, China. This manufacturer already produced about 524,000 units in 2021, including 271,800 commercial vehicles and 252,500 passenger vehicles and so on which is a remarkable number. Know about Chinese car brands in details and pick if you need.

JAC Motors already launched a lot of brand new car named different where all upgraded technology used for modification. If you want to buy any among they launched, visit the website. This is an old brand among the Chinese car brands.

Brilliance Auto.

Brilliance Auto logo
Brilliance Auto logo

Founder of the brand: Yang Rong

Foundation period of the company: 1992

Official website:

According to order or with support of Govt. of China, Yang Rong founded this brand in 1992. Brilliance Auto manufactured and sold buses initially. And when the authority wanted to extend their business, then they moved to sedans, minivans, and so on vehicles models. In Chinese car brands Brilliance Auto is the fourteen in China.

Brilliance sells its commercial vehicles under the brand name Jinbei and Granse. If you want to be a significant part of brilliance, visit the website and pick available products of the brand. This is a significant brand among the Chinese Car Brands. Chinese Car Brands.

Xpeng Motors.

Xpeng Motors logo
Xpeng Motors logo

This is the best company for manufacturing electric vehicles in China. As the demand is increasing day by day and it’s already a well reputed company, the market value and acceptability is increasing rapidly. In Chinese car brands Xpeng Motors is the fifteen in China. Chinese Car Brands.

Founded in: 2014

Trade mark NYSE: XPEV

Market cap: 112.32 billion+ Yuan

Official website:

Xpeng Motors is trusted company in Chinese electric vehicle manufacturing world. This company is very famous for their customized and constructive technology developed vehicles. That is the reason, Xpeng Motors regime the electric vehicle trade market in China.

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